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Restaurant Management: Simplified

OrderWire is a software platform designed for the modern restaurant

Easy to Use

Cloud Kitchen Management

  1. Powerful Product Definitions
  2. Ingredient-built Products
  3. Custom Order Routes
  4. Ingredient-Level Tracking with Costing
Focus on What Matters

Online Channel Integrations

  1. Build Channel Menus with Custom Pricelists
  2. COGS Analysis of Online Sales with Commission
  3. Connect to Delivery and Menu Providers
Powered by React

Ghost Kitchens

  1. Custom Brands and Virtual Stores
  2. Pick-up and Collection Order Payments
  3. Unique Channel Branding

Integration with the tools you need


Delivery apps, while convenient, take important business tools out of the hands of restaurants. With OrderWire, delivery providers are simple channels that you can manage to optimize your business.

Visual Menu Builder

Product variants with and without modifiers are visually built, allowing you to customize pricing and modify your offers. OrderWire customers optionally have an online menu out of the box. both in-house and online customers.


OrderWire was designed with near-zero training time as a goal. Augment staff without days of technical training.

Support for Leading Printers

Including Epson TM, Star MC, Citizen, and Fujitsu


With Comprehensive Users and Roles across locations, your physical kitchens can be anywhere.

Discounts and Promotions

Full support for Item-Level and Order Level Discounts